Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers

Sunny but windy - very windy

then cloudy, rainy and windy

So we left the weed pile behind...

...and put on our winter woollies and took a walk in the Inner Harbour.
It was just too windy up our way to work in the garden. (Yes that is some fine looking Pampas grass in the weeds - eager hubby pruned back the pampas grass and put it on the pile before you could say - Edward Scissor Hands

Quotes about our Victoria weather...
"Some summers you don't tan - you rust"
"If you don't like the weather - wait 3o minutes"
" Pacific West Coast"

Shiver Me Timbers

praying for nice weather

Sea Planes and Little Harbour Ferries not bothered by the gusty breezes

Cruise ships coming and going as quickly as the clouds


Viooltje said...

Here I am again, for my weekly dose of great photography. And I'm always stunned by more beauty. The harbour, the ships, all quality photos, and then theres Oberon to open and close this little tour, and the final photo has just left me speechless. Who's Dali again? LOL I'm glad I've traveled with yourselves today, it was quite a treat.

And thanks for the lovely wishes ( the Scottish lass and the football, why am I not surprised), Modric came back as quality as he is (the man is wirey) a tiny little person, and such a classy genious. He brought real football back to our team. And showed Ze Germans where the doors are...LOL

Cheers everyone,

Philip Bewley said...

Ships and weather, and Majestic Oberon enjoying it all.
What a beautiful blog. Very special. Very atmospheric. Thank you for sharing the Pacific Northwest me and all of us.
there is something so dramatic about your photographs of Oberon. You capture the wind and sea breezes, and the delights of the forest. We can smell the sea salt and the pines.
You are very talented. I look forward to your post and sharing them with friends.

daizyblue said...

Meloncholy in Montana missing majesty of mighty island. If I stop and close my eyes for a second I can smell the briney salt air, hear the waves crashing upon the shore, and the clanking of china teacups at the Empress. I have been 'empressed' lately by the beauty of your blog.


West Coast Island Gardener said...

It's been all dog and no blog. (Oberon broke her leg) It was an especially lovely treat to read the comments and travel the world by visiting all your blogs.
* * * * * * * *

Hello Violet :) Go Croatia! I expect you may be enticed out of your lush garden to watch Croatia v Turkey on Friday. We will be cheering for yet another victory for Croatia and have some cherry pie in honour of your beautiful cherry trees. Tell that to the ashpalt neighbour...LOL. Your garden and your blog inspires me as it does so many others. It's an honour to have you wander thru my little part of the world.

* * *

Hello Philip:)What a big boost you have given by your comments AND your website of garden travels. It is a pleasure to have you virtually travel to mine.

* * *

Daizyblue:) Pinky up and tip of the tea cup to the Mighty Mushroom Hunter and The Magic of Mushrooms in Big Sky Country. It must be marvelous munching mouthfuls of morels in Montana. Cheers, MTW.