Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Mighty Saskatoon - Notorious & Nutritious

Kwakwaka’wakw Pole Carvings
Carver: Tony Hunt

Native Plant Wisdom
The Saskatoon Berry (Amelanchier alnifolia)

First Nations People identified 9 varieties based on taste, growth times, seediness, size and colour.

The varieties were dried like raisins for winter eating, cooked to the consistency of jam, made into juices for marinade to sweeten roots and foods like black tree lichen, and, ofcourse, eaten fresh.

Saskatoon Berry Bush was used as medicine by steeping the twigs and stems to be given to women after childbirth and as a healing bath. Tonics were made to cure stomach ailments. Juice used to settle upset stomachs and used as ear drops.

The Saskatoon berry was the most used berry of the First Nations coastal and interior peoples. It was often used as a trade item. The hardwood was used to make combs, firedrills, arrows, tool handles, salmon spreaders, and fishnet reinforcements

Saskatoon Berry in flower at the Garden Brae
Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia)
AKA: Serviceberry, Juneberry, Amelanchier (French) and Shadbush

Resembles a wild blueberry
(I don't have photo of the berry in my garden-yet)
Tastes like a blueberry and cherry with a hint of almond - Yummy!
Super Food! Super Healthy! The Super Saskatoon!
Better than blueberries for nutrients and antioxidants!!!

The Notorious & Nutritious - The Saskatoon

The Scandalous Saskatoon! Notorious International Scandal In June 2004, Britain banned Saskatoon berry products off its shelves over concerns about the safety of the berries since there was no history of people in Europe eating them

It has been all dog and no blog for a while...

Oberon broke her leg and had metal plate/pin orthopaedic surgery and is doing very well. Full speedy recovery expected.(Her people parents are recovering from the shock of seeing her hurt, too, but not as speedy!)
To make up for lack of posts, here are some of the fascinating Totem Poles which we are privileged to live with as one of the many special and unique qualities of living in the Pacific Northwest.

Royal British Columbia Museum

I took these pics at Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird is traditionally carved
with outstretched wings, curved horns and a face in its chest.

Totem Poles

The figures on totem poles are crests that proclaim
ancestry, history, rights and privileges, names,
lands and responsibilities of the families that own them.
Types of Totem Poles include:
House Post hold up the main roof beams of the big house
Frontal Poles stand against the front of the house and usually contain the house’s doorway
Memorial Poles are raised in honour of the deceased and are usually commissioned by the person who inherited the dead person's name/privileges.
Mortuary Poles incorporated boxes of the person's remains
Welcome Figures greet visitors to a chief’s territory and traditionally stood on the beach facing out to sea so they could welcome people
who arrived by canoe


Northern Shade said...

Sorry to see poor Oberon hurt. How did she break her leg so badly?

daizyblue said...

Dear West Coast Gardener:
My lawyer has asked me to inform you that your use of unauthorized picture of me (see 'Free Spirit Picture at RBC Museum), is copyright infringement. Further action will commence unless payment made to this model. (Need money for support services).

Thank you for your quick action in this matter.
Royality for Royal BC Museum Model

Cindy said...

Glad you posted about Oberon. I have been wondering all week with no way to contact you

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Northern Shade -

Your gardenblog is a wonderful resource of information and organized brilliantly with plant information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us gardeners.

Vet said Oberon's bones are strong it was just one of those fluke one in a million things the way she landed with her leash after jumping up in obedience class.

* * *

Pamela Anderson
Kim Cattrall
The Tillies -Meg and Jennifer
Diana Krall
and now Daizyblue

...You are all Vancouver Island Beauties claiming to be inspiration for same said

* * *

Cindy -

How is your adventure in photography going? Looking forward to seeing more of Victoria through your eyes.

Pampered Princess Oberon is still her happy, friendly, waggy-tail self. Her movement is restricted tho and she is always, ALWAYS, by my side. I move the puppy pen set up around the house, deck, outside and cuddle her all the time to try add interest to her day. She is so used to a very exciting doggy life, I worry she gets depressed and mopey but at the same time glad when she lies down still and keeps off her leg. To prevent licking her staples she often wears a large,flat daizy collar, but the bucket type one drives her crazy (and me too for all her fussing). I am getting into shape lifting her and carrying her around all the stairs in the house, I now know I have 14 steps throughout the inside of the house LOL.

Viooltje said...

:-( Poor little doll. Best wishes for a quickie recovery, although we know she's a wonderful, strong, proud, healthy snout and will be back wandering the 'brae' new world anytime soon along with her loyal human parents.

Violet & the 'Cheeky paws' gang

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Violet & Cheeky Paws Gang

Oberon says thanks for your kind thoughts. And she sends her sympathies to Team Croatia. Do you know she could hardly sit still from all the excitement of Croatia VS Turkey. She really truly watches Football on the TV like a person. Croatia came so close, man what a heartbreaker. (The hubby is from Arbroath and my grandad capped 3times for Scotland so she has got the Footie thrill vibe by osmosis)

Viooltje said...

Well just for the record, I have never met more friendly and passionate fans than the Scots, and any fan I know will say the same; six years ago when we played Scotland in the qualifiers, the Tartan army flooded our capital and by 11am, there was no beer left in the pubs LOL. The friendliest and the most memorable non-friendly game I have witnessed.
Just as much as I was overwhelmed with Scotland and the folks (although my bf was English with some Glasgie roots, I made him fall in love with the Highlands and the stiff upper lip ;-) soon transformed into a jaw-drop witnessing all the stunning scenery ).

My cats are like Oberon, both have eyes (sometimes paws) on the ball all through the game, while our Nera is terrified with any sport show, and starts shivering as soon as the commentator's voice comes on (can't blame her for that, the man's a real pain in the arse) Unfortunately that has to do with the annoying habit of some people throwing firecrackers about and that scares the fishy breath out of the poor thing.

I know just how much it hurts when your fur children are in pain or hurt, I was so sorry to see her hurt down there on the blanket, and I completely and unfairly disregarded the Totem Poles and the Amelanchier story.

Looking forward to more good news soon,

Philip Bewley said...

Dear Oberon,
Wishing you a speedy recovery and when you are better lots of fun discovering wonderful things in the majestic Pacific Northwest.
best regards,

Philip Bewley said...

So much interesting info. on totem poles.I appreciate your research. You have broadened my knowlege.