Monday, June 9, 2008

The Good, The Bad And the Novelty

The Good, The Bad And the Novelty

Some may think frilly tulips are gilding the lily at best
or in bad taste at worst

These frilly tulips conjure up images of toasted coconut on sickly sweet coconut cream pies

bringing a little kid-like joy and playful fun into the garden

Here is a gaping maw tulip that would scare me away if I was a bee!

It immediately reminded me of Star Trek (original series [of course]) the Doomsday Machine Episode. What do you think- can you see it? There is beauty in flowers that are blown; past their prime; on the verge of finished. But in this case, aside from the brilliant colour combinations, it was again how it brought a smile about scaring bees, and Star Trek episodes that made it beautiful.

elty is an essential attribute of the beautiful
- Benjamin Disraeli

Novelty is beautiful? Or is Ben saying the beautiful are novel and as the novelty wears off so does their beauty? Would impulse planting of these tulips soon result in regret as the novelty wore off? They arrive in early spring when we are in need of some cheer from the winter gloom. Tulips are gone soon having stood up cheerily to stormy spring gusts. So I think the smiles they bring won't wear off over the years, but would be enjoyed like a friend who often tells the same joke you know its coming and that expectation is what tickles you.


Anonymous said...

Your pics are stunning. They leave this Montana cowgirl a-longing for home. This site inspires me in so many ways. Thank you sharing your talent with the world.
Just a note, your weed poll is closed...I feel like a hanging chad. Does my voice not count? Anyway, back to the beans and antelope.


West Coast Island Gardener said...

Dear Montana Anon - where the beans and the antelope play!

I am sure you are not hanging but merely dimpled chad . I love dimples.

Thank you for sharing your voice at the Garden Brae. It really counts with me.

Yippee-Ayaaah Cowgirl

oui said...

Tulipmania forever! Long live Tulipmania. Your blog is dreamy beautiful. Yes I do see the doomsday star trek image, too.

Are you a Trekkie or a Trekker?

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Hello Tulipmaniac - Oui
I confess Trekker - a rose/nerd by any other name is still a rose/nerd.