Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yipes! Frogs In My Head!

terra cotta grecian style head
oberon my blue merle collie in elizabethan collar lays down on deck with broken leg
Spending more time on the sundeck while Oberon recovers. I will use the time to tidy up the deck. Hmm the terra cotta head is topsy-turvy. I'll begin with that-Yikes!

Claudette Colbert shows her shapely leg to stop a passing carI almost drop the head with a start!
Out pops a long, pale, green muscular leg, dangling its shapely form like Claudette Colbert stopping a passing car.
vintage pulp paperback science fiction cover art with sinister leprachaunIn a split second my mind flashes multiple images - Oberon's shaved post-operation leg, a human leg - nah too small and green - aha leprechaun!

Then it jumped and so did I!

friendly Pacific Tree frog befriends Oberon the Blue Merle CollieAnd it scurried under Oberon. Obers cuddled up with it as if to protect it. How long have they been chummin' together I wonder? How dare she keep secrets from me- after all the slippers I have sacrificed to her puppy teeth!

Pacific Tree Frog snuggles under sleeping Oberon my Blue Merle CollieI was already planning my 3 wishes while parting Ober's furry hind to find my leprechaun ... lo and behold thar it was ---Aahhw the sweetest little Pacific Tree Frog chillin' with Obers as casual as you please.

The frog and Oberon are so gentle and at ease - like they've known each other for ages

Pacific Tree Frogs in their Topsy Turvy Terra Cotta Head Home

Pacific Tree Frogs make a home in upturned terracotta pot My Terra Cotta Head Remains Topsy Turvy