Thursday, May 8, 2008

Genius Loci, Hermits and Homelessness

houseHomelessness - what has that to do with gardening and garden design? How does it connect to the Genius Loci of creating a timeless garden of beauty?
"Achieving a connection between culture and nature has become increasingly difficult in modern society. This difficulty extends from the vast gulf separating "nature" from the human visions of progress growing out of the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. Brian Black, Department of American Studies"
The issue of homelessness definitely informs the Genius Loci of where I live. How will it inform my garden design? Is the spirit one of paranoia - high fences, gates, walls to keep "them" out? Somehow I feel the spirit of this locale is more one of understanding, respect, sharing. This is Lotus Land mild and moderate climate and gentle landscape that lulls you into days of wasteful dreamy do-nothingness of the laid back Lotus Eaters. So we will see how this plays out in my garden design.

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