Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Portrait Carving


West Coast Island Gardener said...

Yup I know it should be Allan. Like I said - I'm just a dumb Zombie :O

Linda Lunda said...


Frances said...

How funny. I loved your zombie with the loose jaw bone, but really am disappointed. Won't say more since we don't want to spoil it for anyone. Poe has the perfect face for it with that brooding scowl.


nefaeria said...

That crow pumpkin turned out NICE! It would be awesome if you posted some peektures of it ;)

Happy Halloween!


Viooltje said...

Haha HOW RAWSOME!!! I had to persuade my sis and bf and make them watch this one more time while I roll my arse on the floor. Actually they were startled by the strange sounds coming from my room and said they haven't heard such eerie tones ever since I brought Bluidy MacKenzie back with me from EdinBra's Ghost Tour.

And aside be my reverence, I was really, really, really flabbergasted with another explosion of your artistry and so damn glad I was partly able to trigger this one LOL. I never imagined that Poe's 'Uncanny' would actually be left in a shadow of the world's most wicked Zombie. Respect!

My Mother's Garden said...

Awesome!!! Loved the zombie lady, will you be dressing up as her this year? Liked the final outcome of the carving too! A raven? In honor of POE? What a fun video to watch! Thank you~

compost in my shoe said...

You are one wicked chick! Can I be in your next featured film? Gets me in the mood for sure...the blessed holiday is almost here!!!!

Viooltje said...

Happy Halloween to y'all!!!

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Linda Lunda -
Thanks lady of the mystical dragons!

* * *

Frances -
I think to make up for it next year I'll make a whole brood of Poe brooding in pumpkin flesh and put them in a tree in the garden and call it "Poe-tree" to make it up to ol' Edgar.

* * *

Laurel -

NICE! yikes! that is scary! I think I was posessed by a perverse goblin who reversed my sinister artistic intentions.

Happy latha na samna!

* * *


Tis an uncanny canny wench ye are - as I was gonna carve the grave stones of Greyfriars - from a day spent sketching in the kirk hoping to glimpse the ghost of Bluidy or Bobby.

* * *


Glad you loved the video. Just got back to the Island in time for Hallowe'en Trick or Treaters. Was away to Vancouver to watch the Material Girl in concert with 55,000 other screaming Madonna's for the moment. After a few days of Belini's and gal pal power- I guess I was a bit of a Zombie this halloween ;)

* * *

Compost In My Shoe

You have a profile to rival Barrymore, but can you sing? Happy Day of The Dead!

* * *


Anonymous said...

Your pumpkin was Poe manifesting himself as his Raven: an artist sets out on a particular quest then is quickly derailed by the media and the muse's combined intentions. You are a just vehicle, albeit a lovely one, for other forces at work (and play).

You are a talented lady, not just at recreating the Jack o Lantern but anything you set your pen, paintbrush, keyboard, trowel (and carving knife) to.


A recent Toller Cranston fan

Kanak Hagjer said...

Brilliant, Shauna. Loved the videos.