Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Snow Of The Season

Snow Oberon2, originally uploaded by gardenbrae.


Anonymous said...

Love you snow puppy photos! Beautiful blog too!

Frances said...

Oh, what a magnificent creature is Oberon. I love the teeth showing shot, and of course at rest on the rug after all that hard work in the snow. :-)


Viooltje said...

Haha Flurry Furry Fury. That girl really fancies snow, but then, I never had a furball that didn't. Fabulous shots!!! The knackered Snow'beron on the rug says it all...

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Shauna~

Oberon looks like one happy dog! Playing in the snow and peacefully napping... a day in the life of a dog.

Happy Holidays!


nefaeria said...

Wonderful! That is one happy puppy ;)


Philip Bewley said...

What a wonderful slide show. Oberon is certainly magnificent. I love all the photos of her, and the fern in the snow.
I enjoyed this very much.

Cindy said...

Very beautiful as always!

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Hi Flowergirl

thanks so much for the lovely comment!
* * *

Season's Greetings Frances

Oberon looks so wild and amazing with her teeth barred (we won't tell anyone it was only her having silly fun trying to catch snowballs in the air)

* * *

Hello Violet!

a little flirtation with alliteration-- tee hee

The pooches are snow frolicking everywhere - many are doing it in the latest pooch haute couture - furballs in faux fur. My husband won't let me indulge in dressing up our dog - but yeah it's ok when he gets her a pink rhinestone studded leash!

* * *

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Happy Holidays Karrita!

She was one happy pooped pup.

* * *

Hiya Laurel, Happy Pending Solstice!

I think we got your snow and you got our warm weather :)

* * *

Cheers Philip!

Dogs and fronds in snow - too picturesque to pass up a few snaps with the camera.

* * *

Cindy -hey shutterbug buddy

Thanks for the great comment!

* * *

compost in my shoe said...

Your photos are a stunning reminder of a time gone by in life.....growing up in Northern Ohio and the first snowfall...thanks for sharing these...certainly has me thinking about a winter snow

nefaeria said...

Hi there!

We have chosen your blog for the Butterfly Award. Please head on over to this post to find out more :)


Aymi & Laurel

kompoStella said...

hullo there -
just wanted to stop by and wish you a fabulous new year!
great pictures of what looks like a very special friend...

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Shauna, just wanted to say hello. Wish you a wonderful 2009!!

Plant Mad Nige said...

What a BEAUTIFUL dog! I so miss ours - a black labrador who died a few years ago. All we have now are two spoilt, fastidious, tetchy but lovely cats.

beth said...

Nice blog. Very pretty shots. ENjoyed it very much. Keep it up the good work.