Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama To Be President of Canada

Barack Obama wants to be President of Canada?

Barack Obama wants to be President of Canada or Canada wants Barack Obama for its own President and forget the Prime Minister? Or Canada wants Barack Obama for President of the USA (very presumptious of us)? Or Barack Obama wants Vancouver Island to be part of America? I have no idea why we have this billboard in Victoria - maybe someone is just all very excited about the election - I know I am.

Obama & Madonna & Shauna

I know our island dips its toe south of the 49th parallel and I am bully for Obama (I bought the T-Shirt) but what is with the Obama for President Billboard on our town's Canadian highway?

The Annexation Movement of November (but it was in 1864)

We have strict anti billboard signs and there is only one small area where billboards are permitted. And for over 8 months there has been the Obama for President billboard, in fact there were actually 2 Obama billboards up in that limited piece of billboard real estate.

Not since 1864 has Victoria considered a US President for its leader. That was when US Consul Allen Francis, hmmm spied is perhaps too strong a word for it, but he secretively took notes in Victoria and reported back to President Ulyses S. Grant we (Victorians) were ripe for annexation to America. In November 1869 he gathered a petition signed by ...
"...40 prominent businessmen"...The petition is very strongly worded, setting forth with much force and cognency of reason, the isolated and helpless condition of the colony." It seemed a folly to remain united to distant England, when British Columbia is sandwiched between Washington Territory and Alaska (purchased from Russia 2 years earlier).
Annexation of Victoria British Columbia to the USA?

Needless to say Allen Frances miss-read the mood of the Vancouver Island folks and no action was taken by Grant who said that he had "considered the petition with great interest." I think President Grant was just being polite about giving dullsville pretty little Victoria any thought , because after the dizzy Gold Rush days, Victoria had settled back into being the fuddy duddy dull place that it pretty much has always been - hence its nickname "the town of newly wed and the nearly dead".

My Beautiful Neice -The Future President Maizy with President Clinton

We do get a lot of American visitors and a lot of Canadians love Obama (not like the "Bush Is A Moron" blurted out by Canadian politicians years ago) so maybe the billboards are to remind US visitors to elect Obama? I do know it is all very exciting and I look forward to watching the election November 4th. America always seems so much more exciting like Marsha Brady to the Jan Brady of Canada. I mean please let me know, America, if you have any Stephen Dion for Prime Minister billboards in your home town.

* * *

PS. Laurel thanks for your kind comment and interest in seeing the peektures of pumpkin.
nefaeria of crow pumpkin turned out NICE! It would be awesome if you posted some peektures of it ;)
Laurel - October 30, 2008 4:59 AM
Here they are...


Frances said...

Hi Shauna, I never expected to see Victoria as part of the US, but we will welcome you with open arms. We are more exciting than Canada, we have way more convenience stores along roadways, not just plain ole stretches of open pristine land. And billboards? We have them in great numbers. Way more exciting, yes. But sadly I have not seen any t shirts for sale with vote for Dijon, but will start looking at the resale shops. Your election is over, right? ;->

Anonymous said...

Frances, you are too funny. ;-) If you do find out about the billboard, let us know! I'd assume it was for frequent visitors, but who knows? Maybe just wishful thinking.

Viooltje said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they were all over the billboards here too, honestly. They are all over bloody EVERYWHERE. Being politophobic n'all (and it has rarely to do with my POLITEness), I bet only your posts could make me amused instead of annoyed ;-) Still, I have my very own global opinion that anything less 'Bushy' will be good for this world, that's for sure.

And surprisingly, I haven't seen any vote-for-Dijon either ;-)

compost in my shoe said...

I love BC and especially Victoria. You are so lucky to be there.....have fun....

Philip Bewley said...

No stephen Dion billboards, yet!
I will keep a lookout!
We got up at 4:15 this AM and then at the polls at 6:30 before they opened at 7:00
There was a line, but a very long line when I left at 7:30!
We have very groovy Obama buttons...very retro 70's in a kind of psychadelic script!
Best regards,

Mailarta said...


I tri8ed using twitter to connect with you . . I can't get it to work . . In any case I also got to meet Toller at the Gallery . . what a delightful person . . .
my email:


nefaeria said...

Yay, thanks for posting those! Luverly!

There have been quite a few Obama signs scattered throughout the country (mostly the lawn variety from what I can see).

Now that Obama has won, I think we should trade him for Harper ;)



West Coast Island Gardener said...


Imagine a country run by gardeners! What a beautiful, self sustaining, wholesome world that would be. But people being what they are parties would be divided into the Native Plant Party, the Perennial Border Party and the Alpine Garden Party. Canada has a head start on all this as we already have the Marijuana Party!

* * *


Do you think the billboard may have been put up by Canadians upset about our Harper government when a Republican sympathizer in Harper's cabinet leaked something purposely negative about Obama to American press last year? That's what a neighbour suggested.

* * *


Oh man! Can I ever get my dander up about politics, gotta keep off the soap box or I'll be ranting. Our Prime minister (recently re-elected minority government) is Bush but with brains - yikes there I go -gotta get the muzzle on. I loved the EU controversial "art" billboards last year don't know if you saw them - no way they would be able to be shown in Canada - pity.

* * *

Compost In My Shoe

Half the beauty is our view of our lovely American neighbours --- the beautiful Olympic Mountains in the United States. And the American Mount Baker rivals Mount Fuji in my mind.

* * *

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Hi Philip

I have Obama lickem tatoos on way from my USA family. Okay, Okay not nearly as groovy as retro '70s button which IS way cool, but I am looking forward to them nonetheless.

My sis couldn't get hands on buttons so she made her own T-Shirts for the kids - "My Mamma Loves Obama" and "Broccoli Obama is Good For You."

It is good reading your comment and sharing in the experience of this pivital time.

* * *

Hey Mailarta!

I almost did a triple salchow when I checked out your blogs! A local and a fellow figure skater - maybe we shared some ice time together? It is so great you twittered by - I'm still figuring twithting out.

Mailart and ATC's I love that art form but have never done it. Look forward to digging deeper into your blogs I put links to them on my blog so I can find em easily - hope thats kosher I still don't know the etiquette with blogs yet. Oh heck here I am blathering and I see you left your email.

* * *

Mailarta said...

. . good to hear from you . . are you a facebooker . . look for me there if you are . .

daizyblue said...

As a Canadian living down south, I can't vote yet, but that does not stop me from shamelessly exploiting my beautiful girls with broccoli obama t-shirts. There is change in the air my fern loving friends. You can almost see it. Have faith in the yanks, they get their eventually, it may take a while, but they do get there. Next task, lets get a woman on a Victoria billboard. Until my girls know that they too can be president, we are not there a cuddle to old Bill may help. Love your blog.

Big Sky Cowgirl

Philip Bewley said...

Obama lickum tatoos?
That is as good as visiting the Garden Brae!
Oberon...I am sure she loves Obama. Could you give an update? we love her so.
If you did not see my response to your magnificent comment on my post
"Yay Shauna!
Stand on the soap box! How else can there be bubbles!
The bubbles are ideas that tell the truth, build people up and join them together. How else can we save the planet?"
You rock
I am working on new post this weekend. Whew!
You just always tickle me! I love this comment:Imagine a country run by gardeners! What a beautiful, self sustaining, wholesome world that would be. But people being what they are parties would be divided into the Native Plant Party, the Perennial Border Party and the Alpine Garden Party. Canada has a head start on all this as we already have the Marijuana Party!

You are just so spot on you are hysterical!
Where did you you get your witty sense of humor?
I mean, you just rock( in that you understand the collective unconscious and elucidate it)
...And in a quieter way, I just love what you do. I have since you blog first posted. You have something special.

Best regards,

TC said...

"Stephen Dion for Prime Minister billboards," I could make a yard sign instead.

It's been a while since I stopped by and I must apologize for not doing so. I love the way you write. And you didn't even say "eh" once in this post.

Weeping Sore said...

I'm relieved that Obama will be Prez, but ashamed that Californians voted to deny gay couples the right to marry. A very mixed bag.
But more importantly than politics, or annexing Victoria, are the amazing pumpkin pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Hello Dame Mailarta

I will stick my nose into facebook.

* * *

Big Sky Cowgirl

I am keeping My Hilary for Prez button polished for the next kick at the yes we can!

* * *


Oberon is lying on the sofa watching TV next to me while I type this with difficulty on the laptop. Difficulty because my words sound so much like Dirty Harry or gushy mushy what with you making my days from my very first babybloggysteps.
So somewhere from Harry to mushy I hope
you can decipher a truly deep felt thank you.

There is a glamour of grace and elegance to your writing and garden. It elevates my mind and soul. Thank you for making me feel part of that very something special world of yours.

Thank you, Philip.

* * *


I am so glad you've come back for a visit.

A yard sign- eh? Be sure to spell Canada
C-eh-N-eh-D-eh. :)


* * *
Weeping Sore

Well, can me for a sardine! Still legal fussing about Gay Marriage? I am glad Canada smartened up about that a few years ago.

Get a such a kick out of your clever and fun posts I mean Brodie (Jean not Dean) Swift and Wilde and more I love the company you keep!

Glad you liked the pumpkins.

* * *

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Your pumpkin is beautiful, Shauna! And I'm grinning about your billboard--yes, I'm guessing that it's meant for US citizens crossing over the border. :)