Monday, September 15, 2008

Seduction of Summer

The Seduction of Summer and silly pastimes is almost over. Dawdling dalliances with frogs must end. Time to dust off the ol' laptop and get back to the blog, and work, and school and all those things responsible people should do.

Clinging On To Summer

Then again, maybe I can cling on to the lingering days of summer a bit longer...
and ponder...
If I had kept up with my yoga through summer I could reach that frog with my lips and give it a kiss and voila! I have a prince!

"One Day My Prince Will Come" .. Down Off The Roof tra la la

My prince is actually on the roof checking the flashing on the skylights and getting ready to clean the gutters all in preparation for winter.
And, no doubt, wondering where the heck I am and why haven't I tidied up the deck yet.
Oh, bother! I guess I got to hop to it and shrug off the last vestiges of lazy summer daze - er, I mean days.

Hope You All Had A Wonderful Summer & Stopped to Smell The Roses
...then laughed when tickled by aphids that stuck in your nose


nancybond said...

Summer was lovely, and all too short, though I don't miss the hot and humid weather. :) (Love the flower on your toenail. And the frog!)

Blue Fox said...

Love your 'prince' - do you know how hard it is to find one if he gets in your house? The dogs and I spent 20 minutes trying to triangulate one that liked it so much he started to sing. I found him underneath my flip flops just inside the door.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Hi Nancy :)
September is my favourite summer month. We can always count on it being beautiful and shorter days = less chance of intense heat. Plus that golden-orange tinge the quality of light casts on everythiing. And the fresh, cooler blueness of the skies! When is it officially considered an "Indian Summer" I wonder?

The flower is fun and makes me feel girly!


Hi Blue Fox :)

Did he taste like chicken? lol
We found our guy in the kitchen doorway, too once but he didn't get very far. You must love frogs to refer to his voice as "singing".
I love the sound of their croaking and would call it singing - it sure is loud and carries for such little creatures. I was concerned this year when they stared croaking 3 weeks later than usual in March at the pond...I think it is climate change impacting their mating season. Or maybe they just weren't in the mood.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

What great pictures... I love that the frogprince hung out on your toes long enough for quite a few photo ops. :)

kompoStella said...

summer was great yet the autumn is the most magnificent i can remember. sunny and seemingly endless.
great to see you back! first i wondered where you where and then i stopped by one day to find the "only for invited" sign. i should have learned by now that that is what bloggers do when they fiddle with their design but i guess i forgot... anyhoo, big relief to read you again!